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Purchasing tickets

If you don’t already have an account

You will need to sign up for an account with your track. 

Not sure how to do that? Scroll down and click on Creating an account

If you already have an account made

Participants will have to provide their First Name and Last Name before selecting which ticket they want to purchase.

You will have to create an account in order to purchase tickets

Scroll down to Creating an account to see how to make your own account to buy tickets with.

Tip: You can purchase more than one spectator ticket per order. 

Yes you do.

We collect the same information from you whether you create an account or not. By establishing an account and password, it simply saves you time/convenience to having not reenter the same information when making an additional purchase.

When creating an account, your track will require certain information. If you’re a racer, it’s a good idea to include emergency contact and health information. 

Upon account creation, you will immediately be able to register for a race, purchase spectator tickets to a race, begin earning loyalty points and so much more. 

Generally speaking, event tickets are nonrefundable. However, each track/organization has different refund/cancel policies. Please contact the track/organization hosting your event with any questions.

Trackside does not provide refunds or customer service for event tickets. This all goes through your organization/track.

Upon purchasing your entry, an email will be sent to you with your tickets. If you are unable to find your tickets or deleted the email, tickets can always be found in My Events under My Account.

Before Arrival

Not all tracks/organizations are fully utilizing Trackside's digital waivers and other "pre-event" features so this section is not applicable to everyone. Those that are using these features will typically send you a pre-event email instructing you to complete certain tasks. To have the fastest possible entry to the event venue and the best experience we recommend completing these items prior to heading to the track when directed to do so by your event organizer. If you are unsure if you should do this, please contact your event organizer or track venue.

Note: Your track may not allow this type of check-in.

Check to see if your track allows for signing your racer waiver and verifying your tech card before getting to the race track. 

A track employee will likely verify your information when you show up at the venue. Any information you may have forgotten can be filled in by you and a tech official at the track.

My Events will list the events you’ve signed up for. Click View & Manage to see more information and view your ticket to that specific event.

Simply View & Manage the event that you want to send a spectator ticket to, find the ticket you want to send, and select “Send Ticket”. You will then be able to send that ticket via email.

Get your QR code ready either pulled up on your email or inside “My Events”. Either way will work the same. Have your QR code ticket ready and front gate staff will scan your code. Once scanned, your ticket cannot be used again.

You can print your QR code tickets if you wish. Front gate staff can scan them from paper rather than your phone if you prefer. Tickets are still one-time use only.

If your track allows this feature

Under my events, on a per ticket basis, you can pre-sign your spectator waiver before showing up to the track to make getting through the front gate even faster!

If you plan on sending a ticket to a friend, make sure they click on the sign your waiver in advance link.

Once a waiver is signed, the ticket affiliated with that waiver cannot be sent to a friend and is locked in.

Using your account

Click on the log in button, then click on the “Reset your password” tab at the login screen. You can then enter your email that you used to create your account. A link with instructions will be sent to your registered email address.

Take a look at your track’s refund policy. You can also reach out to your track/organization’s by visiting their “Contact” page.

Your organization has chosen to partner with Trackside for ticketing and event management due to its industry leading privacy and security policies.

We use banking-grade encryption and security techniques and will NEVER resell your information or market to you. It is a private database ONLY for the organization whose events you are attending.

Note: Different tracks have different availability and policies concerning coupons. These options may not be available at all tracks.

Note: Different tracks have different availability and policies concerning gift cards and these options may not be available at all tracks.

Account Features

Under Edit profile in My Account, choose what phone number will receive your text notifications.

To unsubscribe, simply remove your number from the Trackside SMS field and save without any number entered. This will ensure you no longer receive text messages from that track.

In My Account under Newsletters, view what newsletters you’re subscribed to. You can also manage your subscription options here as well.


On the my events screen you can:

See what events you have tickets to

Know what track and date those tickets are for

How many tickets you have

(If you’re a racer) See what class you’re signed up form

View & Manage your tickets or send them to friends arriving at a different time.

Racers can manage their pre-event information under Pre Check-in for that event.

Any driver who registers for an event will need to register what vehicle they’ll be racing. My Garage will store the vehicles you race on your profile. So if you’re a returning racer to the track, never worry about constantly filling out the same information over and over again.

Remove and add cars from My Garage at event registration or in “My Account” under “My Garage”.

When first creating an account, fill out the health information recommended by your track.

If there is additional information you want to include, or just didn’t fill out the health information when creating an account, select “Edit profile” in “My Account”.


This information is only accessible by you and your track and more important for racers to fill out.

Your health/emergency contact information is only accessed if you’re involved in a serious accident on the track. Event safety teams will be able to access your information to make sure first responders are properly informed.

Note: It is not required to provide health information in order to have an account.

When you complete the checkout process, tickets will automatically appear in the “My Events” section of your user account. Tickets will also be sent to your registered email address.




For each dollar you spend at the track, points can be assigned to your account to be redeemed! Under My Account, view your rewards points balance.

Redeeming your points will generate a coupon that can be used the next time you check out.

Note: Not all tracks use the Trackside Loyalty Points system. So rules/policies for loyalty programs can vary per track.

Add a payment method at check-out or in “My Account” under “Payment methods” add, update, or remove payment methods.

Your credit card information is secured using the latest in electronic encryption technology. Our encryption is end to end, so no one, not even the track can see your information.

See your order history under My Account. All orders on your account will show under the Orders tab.

Terms of Use

*TERMS OF USE:  Trackside is a third party event ticketing technology platform owned and marketed by AI Services, LLC.  Trackside is used by race tracks and other motorsports organizations to ticket and manage their events.  This Trackside Guide is designed as general help for navigating the Trackside platform.  Each organization using Trackside has different policies/procedures in effect.
The language and content of this guide is not binding and is superseded by each individual organization’s policies. Trackside does not arbitrate disputes between consumers/attendees/participants and motorsports organizations, nor does Trackside answer event-specific questions or provide customer service for orders, this all goes through each organization or entity using the platform.  Please direct all of your policy, payments or customer service related questions to the organization operating the event(s) you are attending.
By using this guide and the Trackside platform in any manner you agree to indemnify and hold harmless AI Services, LLC from any/all damages relating to use of the platform, IT systems data breaches, outages, loss of data or other disruptions that may affect the ability or inability to attend or operate an event.